Almost 3 years and 7 month ago I was on my way to get my first(and only) French Cat.

 I was living in France for 6 month already and longing to have a cat around, as my daughter’s cat, Coffee, was living with my daughter in Romania, obviously.
I searched online for some adoption announcements, and hop hop hop, like French are saying, I found this post on an online website for pet adoption/sale. I saw the photo, but could not really say much about the cat, and the post was saying that a lady was giving a 2 years old he-cat for adoption because she had to move and the new landlord would not accept cats.
I called, fixed the appointment to see and GET the cat and kindly asked a friend to help me get there and back home by car (I am currently learning to drive and on ly way to get the driver’s license – so, no, no car by that time). Got to the supermarket first, bought some things for the cat and went to Villepinte (in the North of Ile-de-France) to get the cat.
It was really dark when we arrived there, a nice lady opened the door and in 5 minutes I was holding the most beautiful and fluffy white cat I could ever have seen. Got a big red Sherpa bag, some short advice about likes/dislikes, asking about name, the lady said: “oh, he has no name, we call him Pepere”(which means old man) and..back in the car and on the way home.
  The poor white thing was little bit crying during the travel – was pretty normal as his formal mother told me the sherpa bag was the one carrying him to the Vet :))) c’mon Garfield!

When we got home, as soon as I got the white cat out of the sherpa bag he run under the bed and was not willing to get out. So, I let him there, give him the time to accommodate and prepared his litter box and his dinner. And I was happy and anxious to go on with my life near Paris. And did hope that the new gorgeous white fur ball will make all my days, well, mostly nights after work & weekends kind of “days”.And yes, as you can see, he was and still is kinda grumpy cat:)

And I called him MIKI (kind of a shortcut to Milky related  to his all white fur)

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