November Blues no 13

I passed last 6 days watching, reading, listening, thinking of last November 13th events. I am kind of lost..I cried a little bit, I was mad a little bit more, stunned and in denial most of the time..sometimes all these at the same time..and much more of an insomniac ever since..wish I could do something more..and I am kinda powerless..people stopped..we are scared but not giving in..yet life in Paris will never be the same. This unwanted war changed everything in the modern world. And I learned to really HATE…

And this poem came out today..

November Blues no 13

There’s no more light,

The sun just hide…

The trees stopped crying.

The birds aren’t flying



The Earth is red.

People are sad..

The lead was flying.

Children were dying.



No more song to play..

No more joy today..

The souls dressed in black..

No one comes back

From Death.

by Macie R – November 19th 2015 – Reims



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