31 days with clouds


I always liked watching the clouds, guessing the shape they are taking while passing by, finding new fun cloud shapes. I love their fluffiness and their colors. I would like to take now a 31 days with clouds challenge and try to find some extraordinary clouds to photograph each day.

 Day 9 – 11th of August 2015

if it is Tuesday it is a rainbow..just kidding. Nevertheless, the rainbow was there, after a cloudy with a bit of a new moon morning, and a lazy afternoon with fluffy clouds, as the evening came with grey clouds. And as always happend lately, the rainbow appeared above the clouds, one of those circular rainbows. Yep, ever since I’ve visited France for the first time, the clouds and the rainbows never ceased to amaze me. Big, fluffy vertical clouds and double or circular (around the sun) rainbows. And yeah, no day without clouds. Enjoy.


moring with the moon  Lazy afternoon clouds_4

Lazy afternoon clouds_3 Lazy afternoon clouds_2


Lazy afternoon clouds

Evening's Rainbow_2 Evening's Rainbow


Day 8 – 10th of August 2015

Supposed to be a straight Monday. Turned up as a whimsical cloudy day.  First purple and grey lines, than more geometrical clouds..and end-up with a pretty alien face. Dazed and confused 🙂

Geometrical Monday






Geometrical Monday_2Geometrical Monday_1

Geometrical Monday_4 Geometrical Monday_6






Surfing with the Aliens Surfing with the Aliens_untouched

Day 7 – 9th of August 2015

The 9th day of August 2015 was a  whole lazy Sunday afternoon. Just shades of  fluffy white and grey and some purple

Sunday's GreySky_2 Sunday's GreySky

Shades of fluffy_3 Shades of fluffy_2









Day 6 – 8th of August 2015

Ah, the weekend! Even the sky gave it a big smile in the evening. Unexpected rainbow and flames as the sun was setting..gorgeous moments.

grey clouds in the morning grey clouds

Feather clouds 3 Feather clouds

rainbow at sunset-whole

 rainbow at sunset rainbow 2

Sunet in flames

Day 5 – 7th of August 2015

It was Saturday’s Eve, so the clouds changed some colors and some shades, just for fun.

more greys Grey clouds


more light some bluesshades-lights-blues



Day 4 – 6th of August 2015

This Thursday was a simple working day. Clouds allover the sky and above the huge cranes that are transforming the neighborhood

The Cranes under grey sky The Crane

Image Size

 Day 3 – 5th of August 2015

The sky was on fire in the morning and turned out very blue later on. In the afternoon and in the evening, the clouds had their little party again. Enjoy!

Clouds on fire         Clouds on fire-2

Blue blue Sky          Blue Sky

Clouds party-2          Clouds party

Clouds party-3Clouds party-5

Clouds party-6 Clouds party-7

 Day 2 – 4th of August 2015

Went thru a hectic day today. It was a cloudy morning and some showers, than blue and grey mixed skies. Very beautiful and amazing from time to time. Some rainbows – circular, around the sun, and into the clouds ones. Paris and Reims never cease to amaze me when it comes to clouds and weather. Enjoy!

In the morning




In the afternoon




Rainbow in the clouds






Later in the evening




Day 1 – 3rd of August 2015

Pooh was in Reims

Pooh was in Reims 03082015









Clouds over Reims, after a very hot day

clouds 2 Day 1 Couds day 1

Clouds over Paris Gare du Nord

Clouds over Paris Gare du Nord



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